Guidelines For Guest Articles

Yes, we decided to open the platform for all of you.

Are you someone who wants to share their path of making it in your field? Perhaps, someone who is here to help your fellow mates to estimate how much time a certain migration takes?

The value that the Peerlist blog adds leads to professional developers/designers, PMs, and students wanting to share their knowledge about the technical domain, and the in-depth path around the difficulties every developer/designer/PM goes through.

This is the space for you. We decided to accept the guest articles. Keep reading to find out what, how, and why.

A) Guest Article Topics -

We invite you to write articles from the below-mentioned domains.

  1. Technical articles related to frameworks, designing, API, machine learning, etc (e.g. - React Native: A slightly advanced guide). For a better understanding, check the engineering section of our blog.
  2. Self-taught developer/designer/PM journey (e.g. - Open Source Changed My Life!)
  3. Anything that could be great learning for our audience.

Do you think you have something that can catch our eye? Fill out the google form and let us decide.

B) Here’s how you can get your article published -

We want to make it easy for you. Follow the list below and your article will be out on our page.

  1. Unpublished and Original work.
  2. Share the topic and a summary of 150 words.
  3. Fill out the google form.

C) What’s in it for you?

We understand the power of personal branding and a platform to attract the kind of community you want to be a part of.

  1. Active readers from our existing audience.
  2. A platform to showcase your knowledge.
  3. A swag box from Peerlist.

D) Guest Article Guidelines

We want to make it hassle-free for all of us. Hence the guidelines. Make sure to keep them in your mind.

  1. Original work and the post must be relevant and insightful.
  2. A proper credit, and link to the outside data, references, and sources used in the article.
  3. Mention your Peerlist profile in the article.
  4. If your article is selected and you desire to repost the article somewhere, you can do it after 10 days but with the correct canonical tag.

E) Guest Article Review Process

Yes, we understand your excitement to get published. We will let you know the date it will go live but read the mentioned below to clear any other doubts.

  1. We take 4-7 business days to review the article.
  2. Please note that we reserve the right to edit your submission. We’ll review it, suggest/make any changes if needed, and then publish it.
  3. If your article is rejected, you are free to do whatever you want with it.

Ping us if you have any other queries.