Introducing Verified Work Experience

Today, we're introducing one of the most significant features of the Peerlist profile. Verified work experience! Now you can get your present work experience verified with 2 simple steps.

Introducing Verified Work Experience

We at Peerlist constantly working toward making your work profile more meaningful and powerful. Empowering you to showcase your proof of work help you build a personal brand. But let's remember that the base of every brand is Trust!

We are taking the first step towards building that trust by enabling you to verify your work experience. This is first of a kind feature that adds a different dimension and a valuable context to a "verified tick."

Until now, there was no means of authenticating the information you presented on your work profiles. Adding this layer of authenticity to your profile will help build instant trust with your profile viewers. This benefits all Peerlist members, whether they are actively searching for a new job, are keen to hear about new opportunities, or simply want to position themselves as a verified professionals within their industry!

And this is how it will look on your profile!

PS: As this feature is in beta, you can verify only your present work experience. We are in progress to let you verify your past work experience, certification, and the work you are showcasing from various platforms.