Peerlist December Release • 12.2021

Calendly integration, dynamic social preview image, reordering portfolio sections, Peerlist search, and much more

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Akash Bhadange
·Dec 30, 2021·

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Peerlist December Release • 12.2021

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Here is our last changelog of this year and we wanted to make the most out of it. Before moving ahead, we wish you a very very happy new year in advance! 2021 is coming to an end and we hope you had a great year.

🗓 Calendly Integration

Peerlist December Release • 12.2021

Introducing Calendly integration. to allow people to book a meeting with you directly from your Peerlist profile.

Due to the pandemic, we can’t open our doors but we can at least open our calendars to meet new people. Mostly networking is about meeting new people and engaging with them. To do so, you need to be accessible to them.

Peerlist Search

Now, you can search people on Peerlist by their names. We will be releasing constant improvements to this in our following releases as well.

🔃 Reordering Portfolio Sections

Peerlist December Release • 12.2021

This was the most requested feature where you wanted to reorder the portfolio integrations. We understand that the current order is not suitable for everyone. So from now on, you have the power to customize it.

⭐️ Dynamic Social Preview

Peerlist December Release • 12.2021

When you share your profile over any social network or messaging, the recipient can view brief information about you even without opening your Peerlist profile.

🐞 Fixes and Improvements

✅ You can add AngelList and Behance in your social links.
✅ Infinite loading issue while saving basic profile for some users.
✅ UX improvement to profile published modal.
✅ On mobile, the page is getting zoomed in when the user tries to enter inputs.
✅ Allow googlebot to crawl Peerlist profiles.
✅ On-page SEO improvements.
✅ UI fixes for the profile header section.

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