Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

Introducing Peerlist Scroll (content feed), Network, Lists, a new landing page, and some more exciting things in our February release. No waitlist!

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·Mar 7, 2022·

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Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

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We are introducing Peerlist Scroll (content feed), Network, Lists, a new landing page, and many more exciting things. from now on, we are out of our closed beta and entering into public beta. That means no waitlist, and anyone can Join Peerlist directly without an invite!

✨ Peerlist Scroll

Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

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Distribute and discover the amazing work shared by Peerlist members!

We're excited to announce that we have added a new feature to Peerlist: Scroll. It's a content feed that will make it easier for you to find and share your and your friend's work on Peerlist. Currently, it's in beta, as we are working on what type of work/updates you can share on Scroll.

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🤝 Start Networking

Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

Follow Peerlist members and them to your private lists.

Now you can follow users, and if they follow you back, you become Peers. You can also add them to your private lists to keep your network organized.

🔔 Notifications

Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

Peerlist's new in-app notifications will let you know who viewed your profile or gave kudos to your post.

🏷 Tags for work experience

Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

Some users said they want to associate tools, skills, technologies, and roles with their work history. That's an excellent idea! You can use these tags to show what tools you used and which technologies you learned when you worked in that position.

This feature will also help you position your profile better when someone searches using those tags using Peerlist Find.

and last but not least...

🥳 New Landing Page

Peerlist February Release • 02.2022

Peerlist Landing Page

Visit Website

Fixes and improvements

  • Added publish profile modal to global state.
  • Restricted verifying experience if the profile is not published.
  • Improved LinkedIn import and fixed minor bugs.
  • SEO and performance improvements.
  • Removed bugs from profile verification and added the checks to update it.
  • Fixed on refresh analytics page, data not found error.
  • Added My Profile link to navbar dropdown for better navigation.
  • Security Patch for some vulnerabilities.
  • Avoid project duplication while importing from LinkedIn.
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