Peerlist Monthly Update: February 2023

Huge improvements to Inbox, Scroll, Profile, and introducing Project Spotlight. A launchpad for side projects.

Peerlist Monthly Update: February 2023

Hey folks 👋

February was a month where we implemented a lot of feedback that was coming from you. We focused on improving what you needed the most. You will see a lot of improvements to Inbox, Scroll, and your Profile.

Let's get started with:

🔦 Project Spotlight

A launchpad for side projects!

There is a total of more than 15k projects added by people on their Peerlist profiles. We build side projects and often struggle with promoting them. Most of them are so good that they absolutely need to be seen by everyone.

Project Spotlight ↗ is designed to showcase innovative and impactful side projects to a wide audience. It provides a unique opportunity for you to share your work with peers, receive valuable feedback, and potentially gain recognition for your efforts.

It will be a month-long process where you will launch your side project, get maximum support from the community, collect feedback, and improve. At the end of the month, top-3 projects will receive this 👇

Prizes for Project Spotlight (March)

📬 Improved Inbox

After the launch of Peerlist Inbox in December, we received a lot of feedback, which has been incorporated and has significantly improved the product.

Image Support

Now you can share images while messaging via Inbox. We realized this is necessary when users were reporting bugs or requesting features using Peerlist inbox 😄.

Inbox Shorthand

With shorthand, you can create shortcuts for calendar links, email, meeting links, and many more that you might need to share frequently in various conversations. You can watch the demo video here.

Message Read Receipt

Quite self-explanatory 😄. Now you will get a double tick when your message is read by the receiver.

🧰 Fixes and Improvements

  • [NEW] More on scroll posts in the post details section.
  • [NEW] Invite your peers workflow.
  • [NEW] Find people from your company after work verification.
  • [NEW] A workflow for reporting a post on Scroll.
  • [NEW] My Posts section on your profile so that you can see all the posts by you.
  • [IMPROV] Create post modal: (UX improvement for mobile).
  • [IMPROV] Added day separator in inbox conversation.
  • [IMPROV] Add message text in the email notification itself.
  • [IMPROV] Block youtube loading till the user clicks on a card.
  • [IMPROV] Add a comment on a post from the scroll page itself.
  • [IMPROV] Sticky navigation bar to profile tabs like Portfolio, Resume, Posts, etc.
  • [IMPROV] Added Goodreads link to the books when it's shared on Scroll.
  • [IMPROV] Show people and open roles on the Scroll sidebar for both logged-in & logged-out users.
  • [FIX] Frequent logout issue.
  • [FIX] Inbox access for some verified profiles.
  • [FIX] Profile picture was not updating even after we change it. Hard caching issue.
  • [FIX] Github "get verified" broken button.
  • [FIX] Github heatmap issue in safari.
  • [FIX] Adding and removing from the list, following Peer issues.
  • [FIX] Undefined in URL when the job is shared on scroll.
  • [FIX] Comment pagination issue on scroll posts.
  • [FIX] Tooltip UI issue.
  • [FIX] Adding hiring manager issue for recruiter profiles.