Peerlist raised angel investment.

Peerlist secures angel investment from SifarVC

Peerlist raised angel investment.

Peerlist started as a side project and quickly escalated to a startup due to the scale of a problem we are trying to solve. We’re thrilled and happy to announce that we received our angel investment from Vishwesh Jirgale and Akshay Deo of SifarVC.

The back story

I got a DM from Vishwesh (VJ) on Twitter a month ago asking for a beta invite. I already knew VJ, a well-known name in the Pune startup circle, and I was excited to see his Peerlist profile. A couple of hours later, he messaged that he was interested in talking more about it. I thought it would be a user interview to get some valuable insights from a veteran engineer and tech leader.

We got on a call the next day, and our call extended from 45 min to 1.5 hours long, where we discussed a lot about startups, technology, our mutual connections, and his expertise in scaling tech teams. Btw, he built the Slack India team from scratch.

Akshay has built 3 startups in the past and currently heading the engineering team at Postman. It’s rare that your angel investors do code reviews and work closely with the team in all aspects of your product and business. How amazing is that?!

We met VJ and Akshay personally and discussed the Peerlist roadmap and our plans to build the product. The investment wasn’t the objective of that meeting. But we knew their association with Peerlist would help us build and scale the product fast. We partnered with SifarVC, onboarding VJ and Akshay as investors and advisors with our keen vision for the product.

What’s next?

The only change after the investment is the speed at which we execute our product roadmap. This strategic investment has brought much more clarity and confidence to build faster. At this stage, we focus on two critical aspects of any early-stage company: product and distribution.

We will be growing our fantastic engineering team. We’re looking for engineers to join our founding team. The first 10 team members will get a significant part of our ESOP pool. If you want to be a part of this fantastic journey, this is the best time to join the Peerlist team :) Just share your Peerlist profile with Yogini.

Announcement by SifarVC