Peerlist September Release • 09.2021

Mobile responsiveness, Hashnode integration, bug fixes, and performance improvements

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Akash Bhadange
·Oct 1, 2021·

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Peerlist September Release • 09.2021

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#️⃣ Introducing Hashnode Integration


A Peerlist profile is your single place to showcase your work from different platforms. A place where you build your personal brand. And writing is one of the most effective ways to build that trust in you as a brand and your expertise.

Many of our users come from the developer community and write some amazing articles on different platforms. The most requested platform by the tech-writers was Hashnode. So, from today, you can showcase your articles from Hashnode to your Peerlist profile. 🥳 And that too with one click (as always)!

If you write on Hashnode, just login to Peerlist and showcase your articles on your Peerlist profile!

📱Mobile Responsive Design

Peerlist September Release • 09.2021

Now you can create your Peerlist profile from your mobile device! Initially, Peerlist was available on mobile only in read-only mode. But now you can create your profile from mobile as well. You can browse through peer list, edit your profile, add different integrations, etc.

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