This new year, let’s open our calendars

Due to the pandemic, we can't open doors to meet people. But you can open your calendars to meet online.

This new year, let’s open our calendars

We get it - mentoring isn’t at the top of anyone's to-do list. Everyone is busy fulfilling their new year’s resolutions. Opening our calendars for others might even seem unproductive.

But, researchers have found mentoring increases job satisfaction, competence, and higher-quality relationships. You’re also likely to earn more and attract increased opportunities.

Plus, you get to brush your knowledge. Let me quote,

“When one teaches, two learn.”
- Robert Half

You may argue the pandemic has made meetings inaccessible. But, while you can’t meet people in real life, you can open your calendars to meet online.

Here’s why:

Become a better leader

Leadership is all about working with people. It’s easy to communicate with someone you already know. The challenge is to motivate someone in need of guidance and support.

It requires patience and empathy. You have to listen without judgment and provide confidence. These are all necessary for being a great leader. Mentoring one-on-one will make you learn these traits and become a better leader.

Gain new perspectives

People often think they know it all. But, according to a study, the opposite is true.

No two people have the exact same experience. Everyone develops their own unique understanding.

Teaching others will lend you fresh perspectives. Which will make your own understanding clear. You won’t reject foreign ideas. And who knows, you might also gain from them.

Strong communication skills

LinkedIn found employers prefer candidates with good communication skills. Mentoring others helps here too.

It leads you to ask insightful questions. You learn how to extract answers from unknown people. You become better at giving feedback. This develops emotional intelligence (EQ). High EQ makes you self-aware and builds social skills.

Good communication makes it easy to convey your thoughts. It’ll also boost your self-confidence and help form deep relationships.

Pay it forward

You yourself have come this far resting on the shoulders of others. Pay it forward. Uplift others. It might be a random conversation for you. But, it can inspire someone to do better.

Your guidance can help people land a good-paying job. They can avoid common mistakes, or you can even instill self-belief. Remember, the good you do today will reciprocate someday.

It’s equally important for a person seeking guidance to make themselves available. Here are a few pointers.

Things to keep in mind as a mentee

Why meet new people

It’s critical you know why to meet new people before you actually meet them. The foremost reason is to increase your luck surface area.

Luck surface area is the action you take towards your passion multiplied by the number of people you communicate it to.


Luck = Doing * Sharing

Luck plays a big role in success. But, you can’t control it (because by definition, luck is about chance. It’s random). However, sharing your work with people pulls the odds in your favor.

Communicate your expertise with different people. You'll get 'lucky' at some time. It will broaden your source of opportunities. It also builds social proof. Which can land you your dream job, or connect you with someone you always wanted to.

Meet new people. Make your own luck.

Prepare yourself

Find people who already are what you want to be. Reach out to them with a specific ask. It might be for seeking mentoring, or career advice. Make it clear upfront.

It’s also important you head into the conversation with a clear goal. Ask questions related to that. Research mutual interests; use them as a conversation starter.

Create value

People want to mentor people of value. Nobody wants to waste their time. Build something valuable and you’ll attract mentors.

Having proof of work helps here. If you write, share your blog. If you design, promote your dribble portfolio. Like to code, build a GitHub repository.

The point is to show why someone should talk to you. If you don’t convey your value, no one else would. And, if you don’t have proof of work, bring value to the person, before asking for a call.

Don’t fear

Asking someone for a call may sound intimidating. But, it's the inaction that leads to fear.

People are eager to help. All you have to do is ask. If you don’t, the answer is always no.

Peerlist itself is what it is thanks to the support of different people. But, it wouldn’t be possible without the founders asking for it.

You can even contact someone through a shared connection. Just go and ask!

Follow up

Don’t get on a call with someone and leave it like that. It won’t be of any use. Strengthen your bond.

Appreciate their time after the conversation. Connect on social media. Exchange messages when you build something. Or reach out asking if you could assist them in any way.

Focus on building genuine relationships. It will pay dividends forever.

How Peerlist will help you connect with anyone? We've taken a step ahead in this direction by;

Introducing Calendly integration

At Peerlist, our aim is to let you connect with professionals you look upto. Calendly's integration makes it easy. Read more about Calendly integration with your Peerlist profile.


The Internet connects everybody. Exchanging knowledge, and providing guidance, is a click away. Use this superpower.

Great things happen when people connect. This new year, let’s open our calendars to meet new people.