Peerlist August Release • 08.2021

Now people visiting your Peerlist profile can see your Substack posts and subscribe to your newsletter as well. As always, you can integrate it with one click. Seamless!

Peerlist August Release • 08.2021

🧩 Introducing Substack integration

After launching our beta in the first week of August, we received a tremendous amount of feedback, bugs, and feature requests. One of the most requested features was showing Substack newsletter on their Peerlist profile.

From today, you can integrate Substack into your Peerlist profile just by sharing your Substack username. People visiting your profile can see previous posts and subscribe to your newsletter as well. How cool is that 😎

See it in action 👉

✌️ Improvements

  • Profile > Social links - Previous UI for adding social links was confusing for many of you. The confusion was whether to add a complete link or just your social handle. We rectified this confusion with an improved user experience. Now you just have to add a social handle for each link. Because most of you have common usernames across social networks. Now you can just copy+paste it.
  • Seamless page scrolling - Initially to scroll the main container of a page, you need to keep your cursor pointer inside it. Which was problematic. Now you can scroll seamlessly.
  • Performance and security improvements.
  • Rectified some obvious bugs to make the system more robust and stable.